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New kicks, please don’t ever leave Sydney mum #lifeessentials #mamadaughterday #jimmychoo

10 beautifulwords from the #greatestboyfriend #thingsi’veneeverheardbefore

Shopping with my mother is always the best but should I be concerned she insists I make this purchase #99problems #mumdaughterday

Magdalena Frackowiak at Etam Lingerie Fall 2014

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Kate Moss American Vogue

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“The Honorable Daphne Guinness” Daphne Guinness photographed by Steven Klein for Vogue Italia 2008

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Steve Buscemi and Quentin Tarantino on the set of Reservoir Dogs

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Nude Model Reclining, 1981 by Helmut Newton

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I’m not sure I could ever truly love someone that enjoys voluntary walks

My boyf would kill me for posting this


Did You Know? Truman Capote was the original screenwriter for Jack Clayton’s 1974 version of The Great Gasby. In his draft, Nick was a homosexual and Jordan Baker a vindictive lesbian. When Capote was fired, Francis Ford Coppola finished his draft in three weeks.

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